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      Disabled Parking Rules in Massachusetts

      Do I have to pay meter fees when displaying a disability plate or disability placard in Massachusetts?

      Parking is free at any parking meter in Massachusetts when you use and display your placard/plate properly.

        DO NOT:

      • Don't drive while your placard is hung from your rearview mirrow. Doing so is subject to a $50 fine.
      • Don't let anyone use your placard. The abuse of your disabled placard is punishable by a $500 fine, a loss of your placard and a 30-day suspension of your drivers's licence.
      • Don't park in a cross-hatch area. Those are reserved for van ramp/lift access. The fine for doing this is $100-$300.
      • Don't use your disabled placard or plate if you're not entering or exiting the vehicle.
      • Don't use your disabled placard in a vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 pounds.
      • Don't continue to use your placard after it has expired.

      • Display your placard hanging from your rearview mirror when you park in a disabled parking area.
      • You may use your privacy sleeve to cover personal information, but you have to remove it if requested by law enforcement.
      • Park in a designated space when you need to exit the car.
      • Lock your vehicle and close the windows when using your disabled placard.
      • Obey all parking rules and regulations.
      • Return your parking placard to the RMV's Medical Affairs once it is expired and/or cancelled.


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