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      Disabled Parking Rules in New Hampshire

      Do I have to pay meter fees when displaying a disability plate or disability placard in New Hampshire?

      Any motor vehicle carrying the special plates or hanging windshield placard issued to a person with a walking disability shall be allowed free parking in any city or town, including any state or municipal parking facility where a fee is charged. Each city or town shall have the discretion to set the time periods using guidelines which shall be provided by the governor's commission on disability. The free parking shall only be allowed if the person who qualifies for the special plates or hanging placard is being transported in the vehicle to or from the parking place and will be exiting the vehicle.
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        DO NOT:

      • Don't drive while your placard is hung from your rearview mirrow.
      • Don't let anyone use your placard. The abuse of your disabled placard can be punishable.
      • Don't park in a cross-hatch area. Those are reserved for van ramp/lift access.
      • Don't use your disabled placard or plate if you're not entering or exiting the vehicle.
      • Don't use your disabled placard in a vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 pounds.
      • Don't continue to use your placard after it has expired.

      • Display your placard hanging from your rearview mirror when you park in a disabled parking area.
      • You may use your privacy sleeve to cover personal information, but you have to remove it if requested by law enforcement.
      • Park in a designated space when you need to exit the car.
      • Lock your vehicle and close the windows when using your disabled placard.
      • Obey all parking rules and regulations.
      • Return your parking placard to the RMV's Medical Affairs once it is expired and/or cancelled.

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